Workdays at White Crane Springs Community Garden are how we take care of common areas, build and repair plots, weed and feed, compost green/brown waste and get to know each other. They are essential to our garden and also a great way to accrue hours toward your annual 12 hour commitment.

When are Workdays?
Workdays are held each month, on alternating Saturdays/Sundays from 10am until noon-ish – usually with a potluck that goes until around 1pm.

What’s the Workday schedule for 2024?
Here’s what we have. If there are changes to the dates (weather, etc.), we’ll post them as soon as we know.

Jan 6 – Saturday
Feb 4 – Sunday (Cancelled due to weather)
Mar 2 – Saturday (Cancelled due to weather)
Apr 7 – Sunday
May 4 – Saturday (WCS Annual Meeting)
June 2 – Sunday
July 6 – Saturday
Aug 4 – Sunday
Sept 7 – Saturday
Oct 6 – Sunday
Nov TBD – Saturday (Pruner’s Event)
Dec 3 – Sunday

You can get more community hours by serving as a Workday Leader.

Wait – what does it mean to host a workday as a workday leader?
Any garden member or group of members can ‘host’ a workday – making sure things run smoothly on the day. It’s a great way to get your community service hours done.

Go to our How to Host a Workday page to learn more about hosting a workday.